Why Choose Us?

The secondary school you attend can make a huge difference in your final year academic results and the path you take beyond graduation.

Whether you're planning on studying law at Harvard, arts at Oxford, design at RMIT, Medicine in UI, Mass Communication in Unilag, your secondary school can have a big influence over where you end up getting accepted.

If you're a student at one of the best high schools in the world, you're going to have access to great facilities, unmatched faculty, as well as self-motivated and inspiring peers.

Unfortunately, however, having the choice of where you go to school is a luxury accorded to few.If you're one of those few, choosing correctly will kickstart your educational journey and improve your chances of gaining admission into your dream university!

Let's take a look at Springforte College and find out what makes the school good.

At Springforte Lead College, you'll experience an education that prepares you for success, exposes you to new ideas and equips you with skills and knowledge to excel in your chosen career.

You'll also have access to a huge range of activities and programs designed to make your high school experience unforgettable.

You'll look back on your years as a student as some of your best. Here are some of the ways in which we prepare our students to take on the world.

* Practical learning experiences
At Springforte Lead College we encourage students to satisfy their curiosity about the world while developing the skills and direct industry experience that sets our students apart.

* Learn from the best
At Springforte Lead College you'll learn from experts working at the forefront of their fields and benefit from teachers who apply their talents, experience, knowledge, industry judgement and specialist expertise directly to your studies.

* Sound Academics
Our teachers are extraordinarily talented and dedicated. Recruited for their outstanding academic achievements and their commitment to SpringForte-Lead core educational values, they teach to Mastery, with extensive use of case studies and real scenarios, giving students a practical context to their learning.

* Unique Curriculum
Our curriculum is a unique combination of the Nigerian and British curricula, developed to challenge and inspire students. Tteachers are encouraged to select, expand on, modify, their curricula, fostering an unparalleled sense of ownership and creativity in the classroom. Students are involved actively in the execution of the Curriculum. Continuous Assessment and Systematic Evaluation, based on data and a time line are implemented by the teachers. We also implement an effective feedback-mechanism and adjust teaching strategies, taking into account assessment results and the development and attainment of students.

* Balanced educational Program
While we are best known for our intellectual vitality, we offer so much more: a balanced educational program for body and mind, heart and soul, incorporating the arts, athletics, and community service; that calls students not only to grow into their best, but also to reach out beyond themselves to address needs and realities greater than themselves. We guide each student to identify and develop their talents and interests to the best of their ability, to surprise and delight themselves and their families by what they are capable of achieving.

* Strong Core Values
Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunity and pave the way for future success; however, we believe a value-based education is of equal importance, good society is formed by the moral values it upholds.Our values-driven education is expressed through core values which are woven into every academic and extracurricular activity at Springforte College. We live and breathe seven values that form the basis of everything we do. They include: Respect, Integrity, Tolerance, Compassion, Appreciation, Hard Work and Justice. We guide our students to seek common moral, ethical and spiritual ground represented among the student population.

* Student Centered
A common theme to each of Springforte Lead activity is our student-centered view of education. When a decision is made in the school, the first thought is always: "What is best for the students?" and everyone in our school shares this belief. We focus on the business of teaching and helping our students understand the nature of knowledge–its types, fluidity, uses/abuses and applications. Our students pursue a rigorous and challenging course of academic study that prepares them for success in the most competitive colleges and universities globally.

* Serene environment & Cordial Atmosphere
One of the most striking features of Springforte Lead College is its atmosphere: happy young adults going about their business in a purposeful manner. We operate as a family and the relationship between staff and students is exceptionally warm, built on trust and mutual respect, a good starting point for a fine education. Our student to teacher ratio is low, paving way for one to one attention. The students feel more connected to their peers and teachers, and pass classes more often.

* Flexible Payment
Our Fees are set at competitive levels and can normally be paid in installments.

* Scholarship Awards
We have a range of merit-based scholarship programs for outstanding students from Grade 7/JSS1 to Grade 12/SSS3. This is born out of a sense of service, passion and empathy at providing education to outstanding students who otherwise may not have been able to afford it.

We Invest in the future of the next generation - our students.

In order to make sure you're choosing the right school, think about what you want to do post-graduation and then consider how Springforte Lead can help you get there.

If you have the chance and the means to attend this school, then make sure you jump at the opportunity!

Good luck, young ones. Your future awaits you!

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