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I am delighted to have you on SpringForte-Lead College website. Expectedly, you will find great information on this website about our wonderful educational setting.

Let me present in brevity what makes SpringForte-Lead College special among an array of schools in Lagos.

Our teachers are extraordinarily talented and dedicated. Recruited for their outstanding academic achievements and their commitment to SpringForte-Lead core educational values, teachers are encouraged to select, expand on, modify, and even invent their curricula, fostering an unparalleled sense of ownership and creativity in the classroom.

Our community is diverse, committed to creating a diverse community of learners and teachers, SpringForte-Lead has a student body that reflects the ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, and religious diversity of the city,Lagos - our home. SpringForte-Lead commitment to this diverse community and its success is supported by the curriculum, counseling, extra-curricular activities. It reaches into every corner of school life.

The heart of the SpringForte-Lead experience is the relationship between inspiring, caring teachers and talented, motivated, and engaged students. At SpringForte-Lead, "the life of the mind" is not a cliché; it is a lived reality: students here are enlivened by the power of ideas, made available in engaging conversations with teachers passionate about ideas that shape, define, and change the world. In the classrooms, laboratories and assembly halls, SpringForte-Lead students pursue a rigorous and challenging course of academic study that prepares them for success in the most competitive colleges and universities globally. SpringForte-Lead students are engaged, active, and happy participants in their own educations.

Beyond the classroom, Springforte teaches its students to be responsible and caring, both inside the school, and as citizens of the city, nation, and world. We guide our students to seek common moral, ethical and spiritual ground represented among the student population. In today's increasingly secular world our clear moral values are strong and serve our students well, ensuring that their faith is a beacon of certainty in an often-confusing world.

While Springforte is best known for its intellectual vitality, we promise so much more: a balanced educational program for body and mind, heart and soul, incorporating the arts, athletics, and community service; that calls students not only to grow into their best selves, but also to reach out beyond themselves to address needs and realities greater than themselves; an embracing and empowering sense of community that finds strength in diversity, unity in its shared commitment to care and understanding, meaning in its labors, and joy in its play. Our goal is to guide each student to identify and develop their talents and interests to the best of their ability. To surprise and delight themselves and their families by what they are capable of achieving.

In the days ahead, I hope you'll join us in our journey to learn exactly how, each day, our students and teachers are working together to compose a dazzlingly dynamic assortment of human excellence in our classrooms, in our laboratories, in the playing fields, and in the world beyond Obadina street Omole. We invite you to get to know the heart of this remarkable community: our students and teachers. Take a closer look. Come visit us.

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