Fees include costs associated with providing a thorough education; including teaching, essential educational materials, text books, and many curriculum trips. Fees also include the provision of pastoral care, meals and co-curricular activities.Entrance examinations into Springforte-Lead College for the 2019-2020 session will take place on the following days:

are charged in advance at the start of each term. Details are available on enquiries.


• Fees MUST be paid BEFORE RESUMPTION for each term/session.

• A 5% and 10% discount will be awarded as rebate on a second and third child to parents with two and three children respectively. The discount is given on the Tuition Fee of the second child and third child AFTER FULL PAYMENT for the session for all children.


• Direct transfer to the School Account – Diamond Bank Account number: 0067396815 or GTBank Account number: 0124809704

• No cash allowed, No personal/company cheques allowed.

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