School Admission

We appreciate that choosing the right school is an important decision for parents and their children. Each September students from all walks of life join Springforte-Lead College. They join a dedicated learning community of academic and operational staff.Springforte-Lead College provides a strong academic curriculum as well as extensive programs in fine arts, performing arts, physical education, athletics, and extracurricular life. We are looking for students who have potential and a positive attitude to learning, and who show compassion for others. The diverse student body learns to apply values and principles to life beyond the classroom.Essentially, a comprehensive intake. Our admissions process is designed towards getting to know candidates, their inherent skills, talents and their ambitions. We want students to enjoy pursuing their academic interests and live as aspiring leaders anxious to make their contribution to college life and subsequently in an increasingly challenging world.

Students joining at JSS1 or Year 7 must be 10 years old by September of the year of entry. All those who join Springforte-Lead College must take the entrance examinations. These examinations take place in Springforte-Lead College in Lagos.

As you become familiar with the school through this website, our publications and school visits, you will find Springforte-Lead College an exciting, challenging, and supportive academic environment that offers a broad range of programs.

We look forward to welcoming you to become a part of our wonderful learning community.

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