There is no denying the maxim 'Health is wealth'. Health is wealth in the sense that all the wealth of any sort that one possesses can only be enjoyed if one is healthy. Life's luxuries can only be enjoyed when one is healthy. Life's delicacies can only be relished in good health; Health is a great treasure, it is the highest blessing. The pursuit of education in your chosen career, and the ensuing success is only possible if you are healthy. Only a healthy body can maximally support a healthy mind.

At Springforte Lead College, your child's physical well-being is important to us. The management approach is a 'get up and get going' one (healing bay and not sick bay). In other words, the aim is to minimize the down time students face when ill by early diagnosis and prompt appropriate treatment. Our healing bay has 2 beds, a nurse and moderately stocked pharmacy. The school has close working relationships with a standard laboratory, and hospital both by professional ties and proximity. All these give our parents the assurance that only highly qualified professionals are watching over their children's welfare.

All emergencies are assessed on merit and referred accordingly. Minor /routine treatments are carried out at our healing bay.


Under no circumstance should a student be in possession of medication excluding Ventolin (for Asthma) and only if authorized by the Doctor. The dispensing and storage of prescribed drugs is overseen by the dedicated medical team to cover a range of non-critical conditions such as

All prescribed and non-prescribed medications or drugs must be handed over to the medical team who will record the medication, quantify the contents and arrange dispensing according to the prescription. All medications must be presented in a sealed clear plastic bag with the student's name and year group clearly marked.

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