What does Springforte-Lead look for in an applicant?

An all-round candidate with above average grades in core subjects

Does Springforte-Lead admit students into SS1?

Yes, Springforte-Lead does. This is however based on availability of space for the academic year.

Do I need to submit all parts of my application at the same time?

Yes. You are required to submit all your application documents as specified

Which standardized tests does Springforte-Lead require?

Entrance and Transfer Examination conducted by the school.

Can a student repeat a school year?

Yes, a poor academic performance may attract a repeat of a class or year.

Does Springforte-Lead offer additional academic programs specifically designed for students with learning differences?

No – not beyond standard differentiation of the curriculum.

When and how are admission decisions communicated?

Successful and un-successful candidates are communicated on the third working day following the examination. They are notified in the first instance via telephone and confirmation e-mail. Parents will usually be requested to pick up confirmation letter offering a place to successful students from the college.

Are fees discounted for siblings?

Yes. There is a discount on a second child (5%) and in respect of a third child (10%), after full payment of fees are received by the school

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