We believe that our students should have the opportunity to learn, not only in the classroom but also by making use of the beautiful environment in which we live. The students are therefore encouraged to participate in at least two variety of co-curricular activity aimed at good interaction as well as preparing them for leadership roles.

One of the several advantages of life in Springforte - Lead College is the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra – curricular activities. Activities include; Sports, Arts, Science, Music, Service, Cultural and Leadership. Students have the option of getting involved in any of the clubs: Participation in these activities, with the consequent boost in confidence, has the inevitable, positive effect on a student's overall progress and achievements.

Teachers and Club handlers enthusiastically offer their time to these activities which are complementary and enriching to the academic curriculum. Each student selects two activities to participate in during the week. All students must select at least one sport and additional practice sessions are done for students who are in a House or the School team. Each term allows for a level of diversity in and changes to the programme, and the students are encouraged to participate in at least one new activity each term, to try out something they wouldn't typically consider.These activities are especially important in teaching the benefits of teamwork, co-operation & involvement.

To achieve our objective of all-round development and to broaden our students' horizon, excursions and study visits are periodically organized to various places of historical or educational significance either within the country or beyond.


• Young Engineers club

• Home Makers club

• Music Club

• Swimming Club

• Taekwondo Club

• Press club

• Chess Club

• Scrabble club

• Conservation club - friends of the environment

• Young Entrepreneurs Club

• Coding

• Robotics

Young Engineers Club

This club is open to all students interested in science and technology. The aim of the club is to sensitize the members in the increasing importance of science and generate an enthusiasm for scientific exploration, enable students acquire relevant laboratory and technical skills, expose members to current trends in science and technology and develop their innate skills, enable students design and carry out projects and promote healthy competition among members through quizzes.

Home Makers Club

As the name suggests, the aim of this club is to teach students how to cook. Apart from the fun of learning and sampling the dishes, students are introduced to the different methods of preparing a wide variety of meals. They are also taught the principles of effective time, energy and money management in cookery. Members of the club learn how to produce a selection of mouthwatering snacks such as apple-tarts, meat pies, cakes, biscuits, puff balls and crunchies.

Music Club

The music club is one of the largest and most prominent clubs in the school. The club is split into 2 arms: The Instrumental Music arm and the Vocal Music arm. The Instrumental Music arm seeks to detect, develop and maximize the innate musical skills in students on various instruments such as the piano, drums, guitars, saxophone and a range of other instruments, provide an informed acquisition of music, inculcate discipline, develop and train instrumentalists for the school band and orchestra.

As the name suggests the vocal music arm focuses on singing. Club members are encouraged to develop their singing voice via voice training and ear training; students also acquire and consolidate a range of basic musical skills through listening, performing and composing. Proper vocal techniques and skills are also instilled in the students in order to produce candidates good enough to constitute the school choir.

Swimming Club

The swimming Club strives to promote swimming and ensure that they fulfil their potential whatever their ability. We offer a pathway into competitive swimming, and fun.

Taekwondo club

The aim of the club is to teach Taekwondo to students who wishes to join, enjoy great fun and get fit. Whether you are beginner or expert, and independently of sex, age or physical condition, Taekwondo will give you the boost you are looking for.

Our aim is for our students to improve their fitness, self-confidence, strength of mind and body - all while having a great time. TaeKwonDo can help students learn balance, strength, speed, focus, and control in both the mental and physical senses. Practices consist of basics (basic techniques, a workout-type segment), forms (pre-set sequences of movements), sparring, and wrist-breaks or counter-attacks. Training sessions are focused on both fitness and technical skills, with a variety of exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve stamina and enhance coordination, regardless of your skill level. We train in both sparring and poomsae (patterns), and there are many opportunities for members to take these skills to competitions throughout the world.Our students are welcome to train Taekwondo. At all times, everybody's safety is our priority. Bring loose, exercise clothes, a water bottle, and a small towel.

Press Club

The Press Club promotes the advancement of ethical gathering, evaluation and distribution of "facts of current interest". It makes use of reporters, learners in this case, who research and write stories to be presented during school assemblies or to be posted on boards often with the guidance of teachers as editors. Such news, in most cases consists of events that have happened in the school, the current ones, and those still on the pipeline. A school press club is important to the learners involved, school at large and even the community.

There are several benefits that can be aligned with a press club. Some are; The press club will furnish the students and school populace with the information of things happening around them in the school, within the country and the world at large. It also brings the community closer to the school and makes people feel as though they are active participants in the education process as they asked to comment on aspects of either the school or education system every now and then.

The club help builds interpersonal skills in members as they will interact with a number of people in search of information. The Press Club provide members the opportunity to discuss Pressing Issues in forum/discussion programs organized around timely and high-profile topics driven by the news of the day. The club also instill and build confidence and self-esteem in learners, as well as establish a culture of excellence. The club impart into learners the skill of researching which they will also use in other areas of learning. The press club impart and improve the writing and speech skills in learners as they will be exposed to it, daily or weekly.

As the Chinese put it "tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand", a press club is one such forum where our students can be involved in their learning and surely, they will not only remember but also understand. With press clubs in our schools, we will have learners who will understand that composition writing is not always letter writing but it involves much more.

Whether you make news or cover it … whether you work in the media, business, politics, education, or the civic sector … the benefits of Press Club membership far outweigh the cost. Take advantage of it today.

Chess Club

Chess is a universal game, knowing no boundaries of age, gender, faith, ethnicity or disability, that promotes key intellectual skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, pattern recognition and concentration. Playing chess fosters intellectual character. Its cerebral reputation boosts self-esteem and gives children 'grit' – the tenacity to cope with adversity – which helps them grow into rounded and employable individuals. It does this by teaching children how to lose and how to win gracefully, to think ahead and foresee the consequences of their actions.

Our Chess club aim to close the attainment gap, a major challenge of education policy. Emerging research suggests a positive link between chess and academic attainment; a recent meta-study concludes that sustained exposure can have a significant impact on mathematics ability amongst other benefits as outlined below:

• The game of chess helps young people learn to concentrate, think logically, overcome obstacles, spot patterns and categorize information.

• It helps with the development of problem-solving skills, planning, patience, focus of thought and self-discipline.

• Chess is a competitive activity, but, good sportsmanship and fair play are taught as essential elements of the game.

• Chess is a one-against-one activity; however, teamwork is also an important element. This element comes into play when Club members practice and work on problems together.

• Chess is a one-against-one activity; however, teamwork is also an important element. This element comes into play when Club members practice and work on problems together.

• A scholastic chess club provides a challenge for students while helping build confidence and self-esteem. It offers a combination of educational and social activity.

Chess teaches all of the above through play.

We have brought these benefits to our school through our vibrant Chess club. Join us.

Scrabble Club

The benefits of Scrabble include increased vocabulary, spelling and math skills as well as critical thinking skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Through Springforte Scrabble club, students interact with dedicated mentors and a positive group of like-minded peers while building their skills. Through the game, students build their vocabulary and word skills and become more interested in the words being used around them, that way, it helps build their language skills.

Conservation Club

The club members are friends of the environment, Natural Habitat Adventurers. The aim of the club is to assist with the protection of our wild places and animals via our Conservation drive, to educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment. After all, it's our planet and together, we can make a difference.

Make a difference, join today.

Young Entrepreneurs Club

Every great achievement begins with a dream, but very often we fail to inspire young people to make big dreams, to chase their passions and release their full potential. The question is who's responsible to unleash their inner genius? We believe, that if young people are inspired to follow their dreams and chase what they really want, then they would unleash skills great enough to face up to even the greatest challenges.

At Springforte Lead College, we offer our students the opportunity to fulfill all their dreams and ambitions and unleash skills, great enough to face up even the greatest challenges. The Club focuses on educating students about entrepreneurship, it is for young people interested in entrepreneurship, with ideas and eager to work.

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